Emoncms.org login fail via Safari

Yesterday I tried to login to emoncms.org but the password failed.
This was the same on chrome and Firefox. I used auto entry via 1password and manually but still password fail.
I tried on a second computer also on 10.4.6 and this also failed.
As recommended the cache was cleared but still fails.
Macosx 10.14.6 needed for 32bit programs.
On my iPad I use 1password and select login within the emoncms entry and this is successful?
I tried on my Laptop which is 10.15 and here it is OK

To be clear the same user name and password are used in each case.
Has anyone had similar and/or a solution.


Fixed this. Something had happened to my password in emoncms. So requested new and then all OK.
Still odd that IOS worked but not MacOS!

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