Emoncms.org: KWh/day Zoom Graph are messed up since yesterday and showing false data for 2nd half of 2019

Dear All.

I would like to get some help/assistance as it seems that all my KWh/day data are gone/messed up from June last year till today. Not sure, what happened, but all my “zoom” graphs are somehow showing incorrect data. these were working fine 2 days ago, I found these weird graphs this morning.

I am using the public emoncms, my data is not locally stored.
In the example above for my annual consumption (as can be seen since June basically nothing there):

By looking into any day in the affected period the kwh/day data seems incorrect. For example for August 19 it is showing value as 0.3 kWh

but if i am checking the daily consumption for the same day (aug 19) it looks good and the kWh data is correct 4.7 kW

I tried to delete/recreate the zoom graphs, but no change after that, it still does not look good.

Am I the only one with ZOOM graphs on http://emoncms with this problem?

Any hint/suggestion is very welcommed.
Many thanks for any help!


Hello @Atte I migrated the emoncms.org server to a new server yesterday so this is likely related. I will take a look to see if I can work out what has gone wrong.

HI Trystan,

Much appreciated for the prompt response. I hope there is nothing serious that could not be restored/fixed.


I’ve restored your PHPTimeSeries feeds, June/July correlates with the date the feeds where first transferred to the new server as a backup, they where then updated daily and it looks like it must be an issue resulting from the nightly backup. I have all the original feeds on the old server so copied your original phptimeseries feeds across.

I will now try and establish if this was an isolated issue or if I need to extend this to other user feeds.

Thank you Trystan!
By double-checking a few of my graphs that had issues with, I found them looking good now.

Thanks for the quick fix!!

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Thanks @Atte, I’ve now fixed this for all PHPTimeSeries daily feeds on storage server 0 that were affected.