[emoncms.org] Email when threshold reached


Apologies if this is a stupid question, I have my solar system feeding in to emoncms.org and that’s working great, one thing I monitor is inverter temperature, I would love to have the site email me when the temperature goes above a threshold, I also wouldn’t have an issue sending the current value to an MQTT topic do it on something like Adafruit IO.

I can’t see anything relevant in the Inputs section of emoncms.org, maybe this is for standalone deployments, is there any way to do it?


Yes, unfortunately neither MQTT or email notifications are possible on emoncms.org, both features are available with a local installation.

There are various ways you could approach this but none are a simple case of just enabling something, you would need to roll your sleeves up and get creative unless you set up a local emonBase/SD image.

  1. You didn’t say where the data was coming from exactly, if it’s an emonTx and emonESP, you could publish the MQTT directly from the emonESP if you have access to a MQTT broker/server.
  2. You could write a small script to use emoncms API’s to fetch data and publish locally.
  3. you could use node-red to use emoncms API’s to fetch data and publish locally and/or send notifications.
  4. You could also even use IFTTT (IF This Then That) to access the emoncms data via the api’s and trigger a notification, this option is hosted by a 3rd party cloud, no local parts needed.

There are several other ways of doing it to I’m sure but hopefully this will give you some idea’s to get started.

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Thanks Paul.

The data is coming from the ICC inverter software.

ICC runs EmonCMS and also runs Mosquitto.

Time to roll up my sleeves, I’m thinking Home Assistant (it’s been on the cards for a while), I think that HASS plays nice with MQTT and MQTT is maybe better suited to this sort of thing than EmonCMS?

Thanks again.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with ICC or even HASS for that matter.

I’m guessing you mean it can post to emoncms and/or publish to MQTT? If it “runs” emoncms then you probably wouldn’t be using emoncms.org?

Yes both HASS and emoncms (self hosted) work with MQTT, MQTT is a method of transporting data as opposed to (say) HTTP(s). I would imaging HAS is more suited to control than emoncms, but as for notifications I do not know which would be better/easier. I probably wouldn’t install either “just” to get a temp notification, I would use IFTTT or similar if it was just the one task.