Emoncms.org Dashboard Corrupted

Hi everybody,

Noticed today that my Dashboard stopped functioning and shows block of code.

Could it be corrupted and needs a restart? Logged out and back in, but no chance.

Any help would be appreciated.


What’s your emoncms.org username? I can try and take a look for you. Out of interest what lead up to this error? Were you editing the dashboard or was it working fine?

Hi Glyn.

Username FlipSnyman

Was actually adding 2x feeds, to show MAX DAY values.

Feeds keep on freezing, so when I deleted the feeds, Dashboard corrupted.

I still notice they do not update.


Ah I see. Would it be a big issue to delete the dashboard? That’s probably the easiest solution for now. I will take a further look into this issue. It may be this issue has been fixed on the master branch and emoncms.org dashboard module needs updating. Thanks for reporting.

Were the feeds used in the dashboard that has corrupted?

You should only delete feeds that you know are not in use, either in input processing or dashboards (or virtual feeds if self hosting).

can you still open the dash to edit? If so can you delete the effected widgets?

Assuming not! Can you open the dash configuration page?

In there is an editor that you can edit the html text directly, you might be able to remove any ref’s to the deleted feeds there. (make a copy before you try this, perhaps use the duplicate dashboard function)

Good idea, yes dashboard is still editable

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for the assistance. I did not edit the dashboard code, not too experienced with this, but redraw it.