Emoncms on ROCK 4 C+

I, like the rest of the world, have problems getting hold of a Raspberry pi!
Has anyone tried to install / got experience of running Emoncms on an Okdo ROCK 4 C+? I would like to use the “EmonCMS Install Scripts” on “openenergymonitor” GitHub.

(Sorry, not sure if this question belongs in the “Installation” or “Hardware” category - let me know and I’ll re-post it)

This really depends on what OS is supported by the device. If Ubuntu is supported there are instructions for that install and Debian is similar (but I bit more tricky last time I tried). However, that does assume a ‘server’ type environment where disk wear is not an issue.

One of the things the Scripts do, is use a separate EXT2 partition for the data. That may be tricky to set up on a non-pi device.

The scripts assume a Pi or a SSD/HDD based system and nothing in-between. It would be quite a lot of work I suspect to do an ‘in-between’ install version.

However, each install element is a separate script so in theory it is possible to run them individually (though order is reasonably important) and that could impact the update process.

You could get an emonBase from the shop :slight_smile:

I’m curious… What would make setting up an ext2 partition on non-Pi hardware “tricky?”

Because it is done as part of the Card Prep script which is specifically RPiOS. Not that it can’t be done another way, but unless someone wants to, it’s not something that will get developed otherwise.

The tricky bit was that last time we tried, shrinking the rootfs after the initial OS install. It simply would not do that, so we had to do it before the root partition was expanded. Of course it may have changed since then and shrinking rootfs will now work.

Thanks for your suggestion. However I’ve already bought a case, power supply and SSD (been in my cupboard for more than a year now just waiting for a Pi 4). I thought I’d float the idea of a look alike but sounds like I should avoid that and wait until a Pi 4 is available.

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