Emoncms - On/Off conditions

Just wondering what the best way to handle On/Off conditions in Emoncms? At this point I am sending a true/false condition. Would I be better off sending a 0/1 instead? Or is there a better way? Thanks

I use a 1/0 - Inputs can only be numerical.


Thanks for your help @borpin I have now changed to 1/0 values, any idea how I would go about logging the time that the value is 1, do time per 24 hours, week etc? Thanks

Short answer, no! - sorry :crying_cat_face:

The Input on-time process will count how many seconds a feed has been “on” per day.

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@Timbones Any idea why I can’t seem to find this in the online version of emoncms? Thanks for your help

Ah, maybe it’s not available at emoncms.org - perhaps you can use Accumulator process to add all the 1s to a feed instead?

Depending how regular your input is, you may need to multiply this by some number to get the time it’s on. For example, if your feed inputs every 2 minutes, multiply the value by 2 before accumulating it. This is only reliable if the incoming data is perfectly regular.

Failing that, the power to kWh process suggested in the other thread might work out, given the right multipliers. This will work better with irregular inputs.

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Thanks Tim :slightly_smiling_face:


I think he posted moderately recently that he was working towards making emoncms.org closer to the download version - it was probably within the last month.

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