Emoncms on local receive data from emonPi

Hi all, I’m new in emoncms. Now, I have Raspberry (installed emonSD-17Oct19) and I also installed emoncms (run on my PC). How can I use emoncms to receive data from Raspberry? I know that I can use sync module to back up data from emoncms.org to emoncms on local, but my problem is that my computer and Raspberry use differents networks.


What is the RaspberryPi connected to that is collecting data? emoncms is on that SD image so there is no need to run a second instance.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Hi @borpin. Thanks for your reply. I use EmonTx3 v1.1 simulator to send data to Raspberry. Raspberry and my computer is different networks. My aim: I want to use emoncms (installed on my PC) to monitor data from Raspberry. I read posts and know that I can use emoncms.org as the third service, but I dont want to use it.