Emoncms not updating

I’m having issues with three EmonPi units ( across 2 different cities) they are all switched on with 2 of the units being recently reset and I can access them via SSH. However the inputs and subsequently the feeds are not updating. Are you able to help with this? Can I resolve this remotely?

You’ll have to provide more info for any real assistance. Did they ever work or are these new installs?

Are you reporting data to remote locations or are they all independently local servers?

I assume you can see the emoncms pages to know the inputs are not updating, have you tried a manual posting from the browser to confim the emoncms instance is working? (see the input API button top-right of inputs page).

What can you find out via ssh? Check emonhub.log for info.

Hi Paul

These have been installed for about a month and were initially working fine. I am reporting data remotely to Emoncms.org. However, even on the local Emoncms the feeds are not updating. I can SSH to check config details and change the password etc. If you need any other info just let me know.

kind regards

You can view emoncms.log and emonhub.log via the Emoncms admin interface.

If you do need to connect via SSH, shee instructions: Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor