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Emoncms My Solar app: howto


I got a SDM630 to measure my household and a SDM120 to measure my PV production, eg:

  • pv;P (in W) is my PV/solar production and only negative
  • pv:Ep (in kWh) is the cumulative, positive electricity/energy production.
  • household:P (in W) is negative on export, positive on import
  • household:Ei (in kWh) is the cumulative, positive electricity on import
  • household:Ee (in kWh) is the cumulative, positive electricity on export

I want to configure ‘My Solar’ App in emoncms and I need USE, solar:P, use_kWh, solor_kWh, import_kWh, but I’m not sure how to configure it and what feeds I’m still missing or what feed I should make positive or negative.

Personally I define:

  • Eh: what my house uses, could be imported, could be from solar production or a combination
  • Ei: what is imported from the grid
  • Ee: what is exported to the grid
  • Ep: the production from my solar panels
  • Ed: direct use from my solar in our household and so not exported
  • So Eh=Ei + Ep - Ee
  • And so Ed = Ep - Ee

The values above are all in kWh and are positive values. Of course there are corresponding P values (in W).

I think you need the following mapping for the My Solar App inputs you specified (assuming your Power feeds are named as per your Energy feeds but replacing ‘E’ with ‘P’):
Use → Ph
solar:P → Pp
use_kWh → Eh
solar_kWh → Ep

The convention used is generally: imported Power is positive, exported Power is negative.