Emoncms My Solar App bug

Could it be, that the template “My Solar App” is buggy?
Both optional fields ‘use_kwh’ and ‘solar_kwh’ are feeded through 2 feeds, but it seems, the app does not take it in account and calculates itself these data through the other 2 files ‘use’ and ‘solar’.

Hello @FredM67 Did you select an import_kwh feed as well? It needs all three to enable the bargraph history feature that uses the _kwh feeds.

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Hi Trystan,
Well that’s exactly what I’ve found out by digging into the php code :grin:
Unfortunately, I don’t have this missing data yet, my Envoy-S doesn’t send it. The field exists in the json, but it’s all the time zero!
I think this behavior is OK, but the user should see a warning or something about that. These 3 fields are optional, but it’s useless to just set a part of them. That’s all 3 or nothing.

Hello @FredM67 you should be able to create the import feed using emoncms input processing, see the guide here: Solar PV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

I’ve created an issue here to keep track of this issue Provide feedback that all 3 _kwh feeds are required for bargraph functionality on mysolarpv app · Issue #141 · emoncms/app · GitHub

Well, could about the issue… for sure, that’s help users to avoid them search, and search why it’s not “working” !
Well, about the import feed, I can calculate it, but it’s not precise enough I think.
I’ll wire an esp-01 which will read the information of my official consumption meter (consumption index) and build a feed with that.

By the way, is it possible to “duplicate” an input… I mean, to use one specific input in 2 different feeds?

Yes, just “Log to feed” again - the different one this time.

But if you need different processes on the second feed, then it’s slightly more complicated. In that case you need at the end of the first set of processing:
Reset to Zero
+Input[the original input]
then the processing steps for the second feed, finally
Log to feed (the second one).

Hi Robert,
Hey cool, I’ll try it right now… well I’ll have to wait this evening to see if it works properly, now I’m exporting between 3 and 4 kW !!

I’m trying to use some precise values I get from my Envoy-S.
It gives me “cons_whToday” and “prod_whToday” which are respectively the accumulated of consumption for the current day and the accumulated production from the current day. With that, I should be able to calculated the needed “use_kwh” and “solar_kwh” of the Solar App, but how ?!?
These values are set to zero each day at midnight. For the import, I’ll have to calculate it or get it from my official meter.

Hmm, I think, something is wrong/buggy, or I don’t understand it!!!
Let say, I’ve 2 imputs from my Envoy, prod_wNow, which is the current power produced, and prod_whToday which is the accumulated of the production since today at midnight.
I create a feed, with:

  • “Log to feed”, with the same name “prod_whToday” => ok (I see for example 27444 under Latest)
  • “x” from calibration with a value of “0.001” (to convert to kWh)
  • “kWh to Power” with the name "prod_kwNow.
    I should see sensibly the same value as prod_wNow given from the Envoy divided by 1000. But I see the same value, like 4491 !!! I should see “4,491”

What do I wrong?

Which input are you processing? You must do the processing on the Input page before you “Log to feed”. Any processing you do after ‘Log to feed’ will only be saved when you do another ‘Log to feed’.

I do not use My Solar, so I can only help with general questions. You will need @TrystanLea to help you with the My Solar App.

It appears to work for me on emoncms.org

(OK, I’m multiplying by 0.1, not 0.001 and the input power is 20 kW so that I don’t have to wait a long time to see something in kWhd :grin: “kW2” proves the division was correct, “kWh” is the accumulated energy )


[Edit 2:   I think you might have to wait until tomorrow to see the kWh/d for today on the graph.]

Well it’s somehow working, but in a strange way. I had to divide twice by 1000 !!
So on the input prod_whToday, I do these steps:

  • ‘Log to feed’ => prod_whToday
  • ‘x’ twice by 0.001
  • ‘kWh to Power’ => prod_kwNow (I see a value sensibly the same as my input prod_wNow with a factor 1000)
  • ‘kwh to kWh/d’ => prod_kwhToday.

Let see what I get tomorrow… but this ‘x’ by 0.001 is strange for me !

That sounds very peculiar to me. There is clearly an assumption somewhere that is not documented.

Indeed :smiley:
But I think, beside this strange 1 million division, I think it won’t work properly either.
During the day, that’s no problem, but around midnight, when the input is getting again to 0, the calculation will be totally wrong, right?

I think, I got it… I took a look at the page “Guide: Daily kWh” from the visualisation tip of “kWh Accumulator” and then took the case #2

By the way, the link points to the old location ‘Calculating Daily kWh - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor’.
It should be updated to ‘Calculating Daily kWh - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

[ @Gwil - please note the bad link - RW] .