Emoncms log in details not remembered anymore

I used to log in automatically to Emoncms by saving URL ‘Emoncms - user login’ as the homepage in my browser.

Now I get the log in page ‘Emoncms - site home’ & I have to enter my username & password every time even after
ticking the ‘remember me’ box.

I’ve tried both Firefox & IE but the result is the same

Any suggestions why this is happening?

Hi Chris,

I have this too in Safari on iPad.
Did you solve it somehow?

Hi Michiel

Sorry, I haven’t solved it. I’m not sure if it is a browser issue clearing out cookies or something to do with the emoncms.org server, either way it’s not worth me spending any more time on it.

I have this issue since reloading my system with the latest version - all browsers including ios