Emoncms installed in own windows 10 pc and uploading sensor data from remote location without internet

Hi everyone
i have successfully installed and using emoncms, installed in widows 10 pc. actual environment and implementation is like,

  • emoncms running on a windows 10 pc.
  • there is no internet in remote location and 3g internet over gsm network is also very poor quality.
  • i have installed 10 temperature and humidity sensor, 4 gate (two door gate open / close ) status sensor, 1 power status and battery volt sensor.
  • write a c# program which collects the data from each sensor and save in a local emoncms installen in a mini windows pc and send a sms with all data to my remote server after every 10 mins
  • if any door / gate open/close during this time it sends sms to server and responsible peoples
  • if main ac 220V power is down it sends power notification with the battery voltage.
  • full system with pc is running from 12v power system
  • server accepts all input method (over internet or sms) . after this all other procedure is same.
  • i have changed the main input system according to my need and also the process system
  • also have a sms event module.
    share more later. have to leave now.

thanks to emoncms team for providing a nice base for me.



This sounds interesting. I’ve changed your user account settings so that you should be able to post all the details.

Thanks for your initiative. i will post details soon.