EMONCMS installation on DEBIAN RPI

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to install EMONCMS on Debian RPI and made a bootable USB using Etcher.
I’m using option 3 in this link
" emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub"

But the system just goes into the black screen after pressing the boost command button ie F12 for my dell. Please guide me. I shall be very thankful to you.

Luqman Ahsan

Do I understand you correctly?

Using your Dell computer, you have written an SD card image intended for a Raspberry Pi and using the Raspberry Pi’s operating system, that is intended to go on an SD card, onto a USB stick.

You have left the USB stick in the Dell computer, and you are trying to boot (not “boost”) the Dell computer so that it runs using the Raspberry Pi operating system.

And you expect it to work?

What you are supposed to do is write the SD Card image to an SD card, take the SD card out of your Dell computer and put it in your Raspberry Pi. Then it will work - if you have done it correctly.

If you want to install emonCMS on your Dell computer, the SD Card image is the wrong place to start. You will need to use the install scripts instead. You will probably need to change some details because you could experience problems with Dell-specific “features” of your machine.

You want option 2. There are specific issues re Debian (as the scripts use sudo).

Note there seems to be a pip issue when using the scripts currently.

Thanks for your Answer.
I just Installed the emonPI using the script but I’m unable to register for login because when I put the IP of the local machine ( my laptop IPv4 address) it gives the page error and is unable to open anything in the Debian browser. Please guide how can I figure it out.

Luqman Ahsan

What does that mean? An emonPi is a piece of equipment - it is an emonPi energy monitoring shield attached to a Raspberry Pi, with a display added and enclosed in an aluminium box.

Have you purchased an emonPi complete, direct from our Shop?

Do you mean you are trying to commission it - put it into service?

I presume you mean you installed Emoncms.

Were there any errors when you ran the script?

What do the logs say?

What error message?