EmonCMS & Home Assistant

The GitHub page for this integration refers to the id being a positive integer identifier for the sensor. Must be unique if you specify multiple EmonCMS sensors. But I am not quite clear what it refers to :flushed:. Should it ever be different from “1”? brings up a long list of feed id numbers, but none of them show up as sensors or entities within HA, so I’m unable to create a dashboard with them. Here is one example…


  platform: emoncms
  api_key: !secret emoncmsapi
  id: 1
      305: "PV feed"

What have I not done correctly?


Try it without the sensor_names item.

The example doesn’t make any sense:

      - 5
      - 120
      5: "feed 1"
      48: "kWh feed"
      61: "amp feed"
      110: "watt feed"

If you are only including some feeds, how can you then name them.

TBH I have never used the sensor names configuration.

You only need to specify a different id if you are connecting to more than one emoncms instance.

The feeds need to be public and if you specify the units in emoncms, that will pull through.