EmonCMS gives me insight again - I'm so happy

I had a device running happily yesterday and left it running overnight.

About 06:30 I woke up for no good reason. I looked at the device from the window and could see it had stopped working which made me sad.

I tried a bunch of diagnostics, but no joy. I work “nights” so just gave up and went back to bed.

When I woke up later I thought “ah, maybe it shut down because the air temp got too low”. I created a graph showing power consumption and outdoor temperature over time and could see that was exactly what happened and also what temp triggered the behaviour.

EmonCMS is so wonderful and made it so easy to do.

I was even able to look at the temperature from other sources to corroborate my theory.


(BTW before you ask, this was not my house’s ASHP :slight_smile: )


Thanks for sharing @MyForest great little insight!

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