Emoncms forgot username


I had an issue with the SD card in my Emonpi so had to get a new one, flashed it fine with the latest version and the Emonpi is now working.

Problem I have is that I do not remember my username for the emoncms login.

Looking at the guides, it shows how to connect via SSH which I’ve done, but when I enter the SELECT * FROM users; command, it shows nothing except for Empty Set (0.001 sec)

Any ideas how to get my username please?

Many thanks!

Which emonCMS are you trying to log in to – emoncms.org or the local emonCMS on your emonPi?


either Emoncms - user login
or just emoncms.org

not having success on either

The two installations of emonCMS are completely separate, except that one can send data to the other.

Your password for emoncms.org will not have changed. If you (or your web browser) cannot remember that, use the “forgotten password?” link to get a one-time token emailed to you. And then set a new password.

For the local emonCMS, did you import the backup data, or is it a genuine fresh install? If the latter, there is no password set and you need to register it again.

I’m not sure if the password is imported if you restore the data - I’ll check, but if the Users table is empty, it looks as if it hasn’t.

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Thanks but the forgotten password asks for the username which I don’t have.

You need to PM @TrystanLea with whatever details you think you might have used - your email address almost certainly. You didn’t use “gbh4” by any chance?

Have you checked your web browser for a saved password?

I know Trystan is extremely busy at the moment. We (moderators) don’t have access to the emoncms.org server, so you’ll probably have to wait for a day or two.

The local emoncms? That doesn’t send emails.
(BTW, the local emonCMS will most likely have an IP address starting http://192.168. ...)

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Many thanks for the help Robert.

The important part was in your earlier reply that I missed. The SD card was faulty so there was nothing to backup or restore from. So it’s a new fresh install (although bizarrely it remembered the WiFi password for the Emonpi so guessing that is stored elsewhere).

I’ve now registered again and all seems ok, just have to set it all up again.

Which probably explains why your subsequent comments seemed contradictory and didn’t make much sense.

The only way I can access my local emonPi is with a local “dotted IP address” – http://192.168. …
(note: NOT “https://…”)

The password for emoncms.org (and for that matter the APIkeys for emoncms.org) are separate from those for your local emonCMS on your emonPi. The emoncms.org username & password could not have been lost by the server - though if you had relied on it stored in a web browser on the Pi, then it would have been forgotten by that. If however your username & password for emoncms.org are stored in your browser, then you should not have had a problem, because there’s not necessarily a link between those for the on-line emoncms.org and your local emonCMS.

I think your real problem might be that you don’t realise which emonCMS you are dealing with at any one time - if indeed you are dealing with two.