EmonCMS Feeds - what do I really need?


Noob User here. Have watched the videos and read the doco but wanted to get some input.

Have just moved into a large old house and trying to get a handle on who/what is consuming power. Meter reads are averaging 55kw/day so its worth some more investigation.

I am using the hosted EmonCMS.org and have lots of items to monitor. Using 3 Phase and 2 x IotaWatt
I am trying to work out exactly what I need to manage my Power Readings/Dashboard.

Initially I did a catch all and created the following Feeds for each CT:
Log to feed
Power to kWh
Wh Accumulator
Power to kWh/d

This is going to add up as I have plenty to monitor (long story but elsewhere).

From the DashBoards I have created I am really only using:
Log to Feed and
Power to kW/D

Any reason to keep the others?

Add a DRAFT version of dashboard. Its fairly early in the day here so little numbers for now.
House is about to get broken up across multiple circuits as its my biggest consumer.
So more graphs incoming.

Emoncms - dashboard view.pdf (396.9 KB)