emonCMS Feeds, MQTT & Home Assistant

I’m having a senior moment and would appreciate some help! :grimacing:

  1. I have a temperature sensor attached to an emonTX which creates & updates 3 feeds (current / max / min).
  2. They appear in MQTT Explorer (along with a variety of other related feed values).
  3. They “arrive” in Home Assistant - but for the life of me I can’t remember how or why. I don’t think NodeRED is involved, but it might be.
  4. My MQTT “broker” is my EmonPi.

What I want to be able to do is remove the (up to 2) decimal places from these temperature values within HA. I suspect this will be easier to do closer to the source than within HA itself.

Any tips & pointers where I should be looking?


In that screen shot, you have 2 temperature values

  1. emonpi - t1 = 7.4
  2. SerialPiZero_garage T1 = 18.37

I expect both are being sent by emonhub on the respective devices (even on an EmonPi, the internal values are sent via emonhub/MQTT).

Use a template and convert to an Integer inside HA - (ask how on the HA forum).

If these are being passed to HA, then that is being done on the EmonCMS Input Process for that Temp Input.

Yes, I try and document what I have done. Had to back and remember how I generated the SSL cert for my Unifi controller today.

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