EMONCMS Engine Settings - possible to store data in both MYSQL and Time Series

Hi everyone

Potentially a very stupid question, but with EMONCMS Engine Settings - is it possible to store data in both MYSQL and Time Series simultaneously?

Currently sending energy data to the EmonCMS platform, but wish to extend the reporting capabilities.
This will require for additional database tables to capture client-centric information and then run reports joining the client-data with the EmonCMS TimeSeries feeds.
I’m assuming that it’s much easier to run reports and scheduled events against MySQL tables than the TimeSeries datastore


Yes it is possible to do, all you need to do in where you setup the processes, tell it to log to two feeds, you can select what engine within this page.

Depending on your set up you may not see the mySQL options when creating a process, you may need to enable the mySQL engine in settings.php


But as Jimmy states you can log to 2 (or more) feeds and of different types just by setting up additional processes.

Thanks Paul & Jimmy for such prompt responses.
Understand now!!

Yes, that’s correct! The setting is a bit cryptic, the example I showed is for a full featured emoncms with all feed engines enabled, if you were using the “low-write” version some would be uncommented, thus adding them to the array of “hidden feed engines”.