EmonCMS Daily Totals

Hi. I just want to thank the team who put Emoncms together. It rocks. I have been using it for some time and its just great.

I am busy building software that runs on the Raspberry Pi that pushes my solar data to Emon. I would like to know how do I create daily totals that reset at 00:00 my time her in South Africa ?

Here is my feed http://emoncms.org/JacoFourie/Power

I have daily totals using the kWh/d but it does not reset at 12.

Kind Regards.

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Have you set the timezone setting on the account page of emoncms?

Hi. thanks for the reply. Yes my Timezone is set to Johannesburg South Africa at GMT+2 . I see on the feed it says that the totals only reset with UTC.

Power to kWh/d: Convert a power value in Watts to a feed that
contains an entry for the total energy used each day. It is recommended
to use the power to kWh processor above rather than this approach now as
this processor only supports daily data created at UTC midnight.

But how do I have the values reset at 12 SA time.

You may also have to set the time / timezone on the Raspberry Pi itself. You will need to connect via ssh. See troubleshooting section of the user guide.

Hi. The link I gave is not to a Pi but to EmonCMS.org. This is your server. How do I set it there. Insee that the totals reset at 2am our time.

The best way to create daily totals is using the power_to_kwh input processor. There’s a guide on how to do this here: http://guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/daily-kwh

You can then set your timezone on the emoncms account page as Glyn mentioned.

Thanks TrystanLea.

Does the wh accumulator counter also reset at 12 if my timezone is set correctly?
I have the bar graph and that works 100%, but I would love to see the counter per day as it adds up as well. I export power to the grid and I need to see the totals of the day as they grow to make sure we dont export more than we import.


The wh_accumulator just keeps going up and never resets. Its is a graph of the total cumulative energy. The daily data is then calculated from this on the fly by subtracting the value at the start of each day from the end of the day/ start of the next. This is what the method documented here does: http://guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/daily-kwh

So this only works for the bar-chart not for display values ?