Emoncms complete reset

This morning my emoncms on a digital ocean droplet was fine.
I left some students to build some dashboards, and when I came back, the feed page was not loading- it was stuck with the spinner.
It is not an old installation, so I can afford to delete everything and start again.
I deleted all the dashboards, and all the inputs. I could not delete anything on the feed page as it does not load.
I have tried re-running the main.sh script.
The inputs page is loading fine and registering data.

I am wondering how I can just reset everything and start emoncms afresh.

OK, I should have read the FAQ.
First delete the sql database and then, if necessary, delete the /opt/emoncms folder.
It is reconstructed from the /opt/openenergymonitor/EmonScripts/install folder.
run ./main.sh
The config.ini file should make it work correctly

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I think the bigger question is what happened to trash the working install?

There’s your answer - students. :rofl:

The slightly better answer might be that defensive programming might have been practised in that area.

[And before anyone questions it, I was one once.]

That’s the comedy answer certainly. :rofl:
But on a more serious note, building dashboards shouldn’t wreck anything that can’t be fixed by just deleting the new dashboards. I’ve done all sorts of dashboard stuff and deleted 90% of it over the years and it’s never caused issues bad enough to have to rebuild the system.

Yes, students are quite destructive. However, like Vster, I have found emoncms very robust in the past, especially on the side of dashboards. Next time, when we have a session, a backup will be taken forst. :upside_down_face:

What I suspect is somewhere, there’s a return value from a function that’s not being checked, and it’s allowed an error to propagate and cause the problem. It’s the students’ fault only because they tried something “abnormal” - some rare combination of settings or circumstances.