Emoncms big gap in data

Just looking at my logs and i lost data for almost 2 weeks on my house Watts / kWh.

Anything i should look for other than assume the sensor was lost somehow?

How do you get the data that is missing?

Ah, obviously a TX3 - is it RF or Wi-Fi? Could be a multitude of things.

The one that leaves no trace being somebody “borrowed” the socket the power came from. :frowning_face:

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It’s a TXv3, on wifi.

Only one data feed on the TX is missing it data for the 2 week period, one of the clamp meters…

I’ve got to say this, on the face of it, is weird.

So there were other data streams (that you didn’t mention) coming from the same emonTx, which were not interrupted? What was the source of those - other c.t’s, voltage, temperature or something else?

And what Wi-Fi, an OEM ESP8266?

Yes, there are a number of other Ct’s, temperatures and voltage all come across fine over.

Looking at a 4 week window, its just the CT for the main house supply that stopped logging.

Yes OEM ESP 8266 on the emonTx V3.

Maybe a silly question - have you zoomed in and checked that all the expected data points in the gap are indeed missing?

If it’s a 10 s feed, and if you set ‘Start’ and ‘end’ times exactly 24 hours apart, set ‘type’ to fixed interval, set ‘10’ in the next box and tick the ‘fix’ box, then reload, you should have exactly 8641 samples graphed. Any larger time interval and the graph software picks sample points at intervals, if there’s a timing problem and the samples happen to be missing but the surrounding values exist but weren’t chosen, you (and hence the statistics) get a very misleading picture. (literally and figuratively).

Thanks, checked that and the data is all missing.

I’ve run out of theories to explain it. @TrystanLea , can you shed any light on this?

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Does any data appear if you enable averaging under ‘show options’?

Still doesnt really make sense. Which CT is this?