emonCMS backup example to NAS network drive

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I got a local network drive (NAS) backup method working, thought to share.

1. Using

This is the script that runs when using the backup module in the emoncms browser interface.

Set up.
$ sudo nano /etc/fstab
modifies linux mount points, I added a line to mount the network drive: /mnt/nas nfs async,rw,proto=udp 0 0

This can look very different depending on the system!

I then remounted the drives listed in fstab:
$ sudo mount -a
I had an issue that the drive was not mounted on rPi reboot. This was a problem with systemd doing things in the wrong order. I fixed it following a guide, but ended up installing a sudo cronjob anyway:

$ sudo crontab -e
I added the line:
0 23 * * * mount -a making sure to mount all drives at 11pm each day.

Running backup
I wanted to have a minimal backup situation, where only the most recent backup file was copied to the network drive, IF it was newer than the NAS backup.

First, I test the backup shell script

$ /home/pi/backup/

It’s not backing up to a tidy folder called ‘backups’, so I change ~/backup/config.cfg finding the lines:

Destination location of exported backup .tar.gz - Must be writable

simply creating a new folder and changing it to:


At this point I consider pointing this directly to the NAS, but I want a local AND remote backup.

I add the backup script to cron:

$ crontab -e

adding line

0 0 * * * /home/pi/backup/

Running the script at midnight.

Then after a good hour of bashing away and searching the internet I came up with this script:

if [ $(ls -t ~/data/backups/emoncms-backup-* | head -1) -nt $(ls -t /mnt/nas/backups/backup* | head -1) ];
   cp $(ls -t ~/data/backups/emoncms-backup-* | head -1) /mnt/nas/backups/backup.tar.gz;

Here I have the conditional if, the operator newer than -nt, then it’s copied to the NAS file called backup.tar.gz, of course, overwritten if it already exists.

I install the cronjob to run one hour after the local backup, midnight again.

$ crontab -e

adding another line after the previous:

0 0 * * * if [ $(ls -t ~/data/backups/emoncms-backup-* | head -1) -nt $(ls -t /mnt/nas/backups/backup* | head -1) ]; then cp $(ls -t ~/data/backups/emoncms-backup-* | head -1) /mnt/nas/backups/backup.tar.gz; fi

The alternative method is rsync, which only copies files if modified. rsync is a useful tool, but I was getting a lot of permission errors and it looked ugly. Hence making the above script.
Here’s an rsync example crontab:

0 0 * * * rsync -azu /home/pi/data/backups /mnt/nas/backups


I delete old local backups with:

rm $(find /home/pi/data/backups/emoncms* -mtime +7)

Removing backups older than 7 days… and I add it to crontab at midnight.

0 0 * * * rm $(find /home/pi/data/backups/emoncms* -mtime +7)

Comments welcome.

P.S. Thank you

2. Running sudo php backup.php from usefulscripts.


  • Creating the dependent folders in the target backup directory.
  • Editing the backup.php file.
  • Observing the incremental nature of the backup, saving disk space and disk activity. (1.6 KB)


Thanks @danbates. I was looking for a way to auto run and store backups on a network drive and your approach helped sort it! I have a linux NFS shared drive and changed the emoncms backup destination to it. I decided against the conditional IF script, but now run a cron job on the server that deletes any backups older than a setting (eg 2 days). The only thing I need to keep an eye on is that the shared drive properly remounts on the rPi after a reboot/power fail!

I’m glad it helped.
If the the drive doesn’t mount on boot blame systemd :wink:
I did actually have that issue, using fstab, and had to mangle systemd in a way I can’t remember, somehow forcing it to wait until DHCP had resolved, before loading futher network related stuff.

Having the mount done by systemd is the other way.