Emoncms 9.5 upgrade on shared hosting broke a dashboard

Tonight I upgraded emoncms to 9.5 and some dashboard module is going wacko

I didn’t do anything else than replace files, update database (though I didn’t need to, it seems)
and my visualisation/zoom thinks we are 1900 … so showing empty.
data is there and all the rest is running ok … not sure what goes wrong here as the error log doesn’t show anything neither except the :

passthru() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/xxxx/public_html/emon/Modules/admin/admin_controller.php on line 62.

But that since the beginning …

you can see the dashboard here

deleted the graph, remade it and same problem … feed behind is mysql but also tried with the newly created phpfina but that also points to 1900 …

anyone have an idea of what might be going wrong ? Looked in old forum but couldn’t trace any similar problem

found the error mentioned at the end of this post
you find this script in /Modules/vis/visualisations/zoom.php

applied the proposed solution on line 107 but …

Thanka for reporting. @TrystanLea is investigating and will report back soon.

tonight I downgraded to latest stable but that didn’t solve it. Re upped stable I still have on local disk dated 21/03/2016, being version 9.4 and it all came back to normal.
It is not the zoom visualisation module. Need to narrow down what file breaks the zoom module.

fooling around some more, upped again to latest master 9.5 and it broke again.
Replaced /Modules/vis/visualisations directory content with the 9.4 version (only those files) and it all came back normal
So we know already that it is in there. Not zoom.php, but most probably on of the other files called by zoom.php … but for tonight I’m out … :tired_face:
Not sure I’ll have time tomorrow evening to try to narrow even more …


just to clarify, if you apply the modifications in zoom.php (daily to day, …), do you run the test on a phpfina feeds afterwards or a mysql feed ? I tested with a phpfina feed type.

mmm long time ago already :wink:

I think I applied the change and I had 1 phpfina feed, all my other feeds are for now on mysql …

want me to retest ?

Hi to all. I have the same problem after upgrade to 9.5.1 | 2016.04.28.
All my Zoom and Simple Zoom charts are gone.
I am running emoncms at small local Debian server and my feeds are MYSQL feeds.
I have upgraded a testing environment with PHPFIWA feeds and no problems are observed.
My suspicious is related to area MYSQL feeds and reading data for Zoom charts.

Any idea, any help ?
best regards

Didn’t have time to fiddle anymore since last testing.

You can stay on latest emoncms by replacing /Modules/vis/visualisations with the version from 9.4 if you still have it
Feeds came back to live for me with that.

Weirdest is that you have no issues with phpfina feeds. I my case all feeds were broken.

Hi to All.
In my case Zoom and Simple zoom charts were fixed by copying zoom.php and simplezoom.php from version 94 to 951.
Nothing else was needed.
Best regards.