EmonBase not showing feeds

Hi All,

Been playing and learning how use the emonBase and emonTXs.
I was creating feeds a short while ago and all of a sudden they stopped showing up and the Loading symbol appeared.

It’s connected via LAN, I tried:

Logging out and back in
Restart PC
Shutdown emonBase and restart

My basic feeds show up and update on Emoncms.org still.
Locally, no feeds showing, and feed symbols on the inputs page are greyed out?

If I go into the Inputs process list, states the feeds don’t exist? I haven’t deleted them at all



Hello @Tri.stand is this a new system? Did this happen after running an update?
It may be worth flushing redis on the admin page:

@trystan, oddly, I have seen that error FeedId … does not exist … today. Something happened with a new feed I created.

Hi @TrystanLea, I did try this, this morning. But no change. I had made a backup whilst messing about and loaded this. That seemed to do the trick.

It is a new system, and I had run an update before the issue and was fine. I also run an update after to double check.

As I was thinking abut “resetting” and starting over no w i have learnt afew bits (completely new to any of this stuff), I flashed a new card this morning and started over. Even learnt how to activate ssh! and accessed it! Mind you, I don’t what to next LOL

@borpin, I was messing about with virtual feeds and trying to get Accumulators to work and I think the last thing I done was change one of the processes to ‘MYSQL Memory’