EmonBase Backup no longer works

Hi, apologies for a duplicate post but I think I probably posted my original question in the wrong group, Emoncms.

I’ve been running an Emon system for a little over a year with no major problems. The system consists of an EmonTx, three EmonTH and an EmonBase, the latter is on a UPS.

The only funny is there are now five non existent nodes shown in the inputs and feed screens, I think the last one, labelled ‘3phase’ appeared after the EmonTx suffered a power glitch.

At the end of every month I run a backup and update the firmware. This month the backup does not run, The log window shows last months backup as it completed, I click the backup button and all it does is blink and show last months back again. It usually runs through the backup process, which takes several minutes, then I can refresh and download it. Any suggestions please ??

If some-one can tell me how, I can post the system details.


Here is the original post, now tagged “EmonPi”