Emon TX Temp probs / RJ45 to terminal block breakout Temp ID's


I am attaching two temp probes to an RJ45 terminal breakout board.

I have noticed the probs are reporting temps on Temp1 and Temp2. When I wire up a second RJ45 terminal breakout board and connect it the same as before, the order in which they take temp 1 and temp 2 vary so what would have been temp 1 in the first setup, is temp2 in the other one.

Are they random?

This is how it’s wired, can I make it consistent and reliable? id ideally like to wire up all my TX’s to breakout boards in a way I know what will be what when I deploy.


No, but they appear so. The full explanation is in “Learn”. Each device has its own ID, defined when it is made. Where you connect it should make no difference…

Ah great, I didn’t see the section in learn, simple solution then, if they are in the wrong order, switch them around!

Cheers Robert