Emon tx imputs 7/8/9/10/11

Hallo, I have these Inputs returning 300 value, and I don’t know what to are related can you help me?

It would have been very helpful if you had thought to give us a little more information about what you have.

Which sketch are you using?

You have left me with having to guess. I am guessing it is the recently retired “Discrete Sample” sketch. The outputs for that are Power1, Power2, Power3, Power4, Vrms, Temp1, Temp2, Temp3, Temp4, Temp5, Temp6, pulse

That would almost fit with your description, where you are using one temperature sensor only. Unused temperature sensors return the value “300” to indicate that a sensor has never been detected.

Perhaps you could also update your profile to indicate your country, because that helps us to help you by giving us an indication of the electricity system you might be using. If we don’t have all the information we need, it makes it harder to help you.

thanks for the reply, i am from italy and i have 3 emon TX , one is old 3 years and 2 are purchased just 4/5 months ago , i dont know which sketch is installed , i was just curious that i see these 5 values stable at 300 , i have a senson on Temp1 , so yes you should be right , are surely temperature inputs.

Can you change this in your profile, please?

Do you mean a bit like this?

If so, it means nothing is connected to those inputs I think.

Depending on the sketch, the temperature is transmitted at 10× or 100× the actual temperature in order to preserve the decimal fractional part.

emonLibCM returns that plus a few more “values” in that range to indicate different error conditions - see its documentation for full details.

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profile updated !

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yes i have like that but values are 300 , just to solve my curiosity i wil try to put there some DS18B sensors in the next days

If you look in the file emonhub.conf - via your web browser and the emonPi > Setup > emonHub, you’ll find a scale factor that corrects the value sent to read degrees Celsius.

Hallo and thanks, I added some ds18b sensors, and all working correctly up to 6 , the scale factor is adjusted automatically, thanks have a nice day.