Emon Pi Temerature Logging

Hi, I’m a NOOB at OpenEneregyMonitor. I’ve just brought & Installed an emonPi Energy Monitor - Solar PV Bundle + a Temperature sensor. I believe I have the CT reading correctly by following the relevant how-to section. My “Inputs” page has emonpi listed with inputs power1, power2, power1pluspower2, vrms and t1 through t6. t1 reads approx 18.3, which given where the temperature sensor is, is believable.

I have just the one temperature sensor. I don’t believe its readings are being logged to a feed.
Clicking on the Spanner icon next to t1 brings up a dialog box with

You have no processes defined
Add process: [log][kwh][+inp]
Log to Feed. Data:Realtime. Feed:CreateNew. emonpi:t1. Engine: PHPFINA Fixed Interval: 10s [ADD]

Is logging it as simple as pressing the add button? I’m concerned though about the [kwh] on the add process line.

I’ve looked for a “How to log temperatures” section and haven’t found it. Do temperatures show up on any of the graphs?

Any help would be appreciated.
As I said, I’m new to emoncms & openenergymonitor, but I’m an experienced computer, linux & raspberry pi user.

Thanks in advance.


Yes although I’m not sure how often the EmonPi refreshes the data. If you watch the input, how often does the ‘time’ in seconds reset? Set the Feed to that time (either 5 or 10s I expect but might be 30s).

Ignore that - it’s just illustrating what it might look like. Just hit “Add” after checking you have a sensible interval (10 s probably, it mustn’t be shorter than your emonPi reports, which is every 5 s).

I am, at present it’s 5 s, though that’s likely to be increased to 10 s when the CM version is introduced - which is likely to be early next year.

Thank you. Logging at 10s intervals is plenty accurate enough for me :slight_smile:

What’s the CM Version?

Cheers for your help.


The front-end sketch is like the emonTxV3CM – Continuous Monitoring, rather than monitoring in discrete bursts (for 200 ms every 4.9 s), as you have now.


this is what mine looks like

And the last 24 hours, sensor faces South so as soon as the sun shines the temp goes up rapidly


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