Emon pi Inactive state


I am using Emonpi to know the energy usage of device, But in emon cms Emonpi status shows it is in inactive state.How can I put it in active state?

Please, could you provide some more information about your setup? Are your referring to local Emoncms or remote? Are you receiving data from other RF nodes?

Things to try:

  • Run Admin > emonpi update (when logged into local Emoncms)
  • Restart the system Admin > Reboot

I found that the time in the Emonpi was not up to date and also its not connected to internet. I have solved that issue. But I want to know about the grabing of Energy values in Emon cms. As I want to consider particular interval of period and know the energy value of particular device.Can you help me with that?

Thank you.

Great! Sure. Please start a new topic

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