Emon Pi crashed and displays non-zero flat graphs for 3 days

Hi. For some reason my emonpi crashed & I didn’t notice it for 3 days. I’m not worried about why it crashed, but looking at my data, the solar and usage show as non-zero flat lines for the period in the MySolar app.

Is the app extrapolating with Zero consumption and generation recorded,
or is emoncms assuming a flat non-zero generation and consumption for that period? If so, do I need to edit my data? If so, how?

Hopefully, a screenshot of the app graph is attached.

Any help/advise appreciated

It’s actually doing two different things, when you look at the power data in the window it is assuming a non zero value. The kWh data however shown on the history page does not increment energy use if the gap in data is more than 2 hours - it will otherwise assume power was consumed at the last known rate for the period <2h. In your case with a much larger gap it should not have assumed energy use/production…

If you look at the same data using the Graph view and click show missing’ do you see a big gap or is there data present?

Show Missing Ticked - Gap
Show Missing Unticked - Straight line between actual values.

Ok thanks, that confirms the data is missing as expected which will mean that your cumulative kWh values will not have registered energy consumption for that period.

Thanks. OK I will ignore that section if I look at the app and not worry about it. Thanks for your help.