Emon cms, no input for 6.5 days

I’m reporting this for historical purposes in case the report becomes valuable later.

I just logged in to my emoncms site server by my emon base and noticed the feeds have not been updated for “6.5 days”. The emon hub logs look fine to me and I’ll attach them.

If I ssh in to my machine, cd emonpi, and invoke git log -v the first lines are…

commit 3abbbaca9b6e7ca1126243cd4b0798353ca04496
Author: Glyn Hudson [email protected]
Date: Fri Oct 27 17:00:01 2017 +0100

If I do sudo reboot, all seems to be fixed.

Is there anything I should have investigated before doing that reboot?

Attached is the emoncms log.

emonhub.log.txt (238.3 KB)