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EMI / EMC testing OpenEVSE

I am after some help/clarification about how EmonEVSE solved the EMC issues;

  • Is it conducted or radiated emissions (or both?) that are the issues with the standard OpenEVSE controller?

  • Was it solved purely by adding the AC filter shown in github? (GitHub - openenergymonitor/openevse-ac-filter-pcb: 240V AC filter for OpenEVSE Controller)

  • Can someone confirm that the AC filter BOM includes: 1 x 47uH choke (RN114-0.3-02-47M), a 10nF capacitor on the source side, and a 10nF capacitor on the load side? (the PCB files in github say the source side is a 1F cap, which surely can’t be right)

  • I note that there is no capacitor coupling to ground on the circuit above, does this mean the problem was just differential mode noise?

  • Can someone confirm it is installed purely on the AC input wires to the OpenEVSE controller? (the choke is obviously not rated to handle the whole charging current)

Many thanks!