Embedding emoncms into wordpress

I have emoncms installed on a synology server
i want to iframe a dashboard area into the website… and it is working fine…

you can see the result here:

but there is one issue the “gear” for editing the dashbord shows and if a user click on it, the user en send to the login page.
how do i prevent the gear to show??

any idea??

best regards
Henrik Boye

There is currently an error on the page and no emoncms

Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in /volume1/web/emoncms/Modules/graph/graph_model.php on line 91

This is a really good point, I have many dashboards that are for “read-only” consumption and the cog is visible as you say, in time I intend to embed these dashboards in various websites, it would be good to not have the cog present.

I think it should be wrapped in a if readwrite authenticated type function so that only if logged in or using the readwrite apikey is the cog visable, I’m not able to look at this right now (not that I’m any good with PHP) but hopefully it is possible.

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I just installed the graph module, think you just ran into the page before i have updated the database…

look fine now…

Indeed it does now.

I have opened a feature request issue on the repo

@Boye - @Andreas_Messerli has kindly proposed a solution for this, are you able to test?

The changes are quite small so you could edit the Views/dashboard_view.php file manually or alternatively pull in the changes directly from the “dashboard-edit-only-when-logged-in” branch of his GitHub repo.

cool it works… now you can use the &embed=1 in the html query…

like this http://emoncms/dashboard/view&id=1&embed=1

and the cog is gone…

Thanks a lot