Email registered users - Email sent to user's email address

How does one change the default email behavior?, based on a specific users input email event ?, the input description mention that this is possible, I change the default_email in the default-settings.ini and email is working and receive the " Emoncms Alerts" based on the trigger. I need to change the default behavior to mail the registered user using the users email address based on registration. Will this be possible?

default_emailto = ''[email protected]"

Send an email to the user with the specified body. Email sent to user’s email address or default set in config.

Supported template tags to customize body: {type}, {id}, {key}, {name}, {node}, {time}, {value}
Example body text: At {time} your {type} from {node} with key {key} named {name} had value {value}.
Output: Does NOT modify value passed onto next process step.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @dawie.maartens do you mean to automatically populate the input to address with the user account email address? rather than having to populate it manually?