Eco / PV Divert not working after upgrade to v4

Didn’t know what Demandshaper was but it seems it has my openevse unit in there so I’ve deleted it.

Hopefully sunny again tomorrow and I’ll try again.

Mmm that’s strange, the UI still shows ‘Eco’ mode switched on, while the unit is still reporting ev_divertmode_status=1 to

According to the logged data eco mode was only enabled ev_divertmode_status=2 for a short time period around 3pm.

Could you copy and paste the JSON output of and ?

Deleting the openevse from Demandshaper removed my feeds - only realised just now so have restored them using the cog (which also put it back in demandshaper - but I’ve ensured the ‘off’ is set).

JSON below …


Thanks, I can see from the /status output that divertmode": 1 which means eco mode is switched off. Does the UI also reflect this?

At the time, yes.

There’s little sun today and the car won’t charge on Eco but I’ve just plugged it in and switched to Eco to see what happens!

Demandshaper exists but is most definitely off.

As an update, both the MG5 and Zoe have been charged several times over the past few days using the Eco mode with no sign of it switching back to 32A charging so I’m assuming it was the Demandshaper causing the issue. I don’t recall doing any configuration or using that module and it seems the OpenEVSE is added automatically when you follow the instructions to generate the feeds.

The only pain is having to remove the timer schedule before it’ll start Eco and then put it back later but hopefully that’ll get changed so the timer only has effect in ‘Normal’ mode.

That’s great to hear, sorry it took so long to resolve this. I will investigate how demand shaper may have automatically started communicating with the OpenEVSE. This should not happen. Have you got any thoughs @TrystanLea?

Noted, I agree this is sub-optimal. I’ve opened an issue to get the resolved:

No idea.

I removed the openevse last week from Demandshaper and then realised it also deleted the feeds so re-installed using the cog from inputs and then explicitly set the module to off - i.e. the button is now marked in red but wasn’t until I did that so maybe the default state is wrong.

I don’t know what state it was in before I deleted it (other than the off button wasn’t red) nor if when I installed the OpenEVSE around August last year if I inadvertently did something whilst looking around on the emonpi - possible I guess.

(Sorry, probably the above probably doesn’t help much)