Easiest way to use emonPi data in a Windows install of emonCMS

The topic says it all :slight_smile:
I would rather not install & enable Redis on the Windows install (but I guess I will if I have to)
I managed to install the Backup and the Sync module but both of them require Redis.
I managed to transfer the .dat and .meta files from the emonPi in the right place but I guess I would needthe database feed data as well… before I go there, is there a not-too-painful way to bring feed data into a Windows install of emonCMS, to analyze it using the Graph module?


So many parts of emoncms are becoming Linux specific, especially around the admin page and anything running as a service (mqtt_input,feedwriter, service-runner etc). So if I were cornered into installing emoncms on a windows box, I would install VM software and then install emoncms in a Linux VM, not so helpful if you already have a WAMP sever running I guess.

Yeah, I thought about that option… this may be the easiest route indeed.


. . . or docker perhaps?

I’ve not used docker on windows or the emoncms docker install, just throwing it out there!