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How can we edit the email feature to remove the UK information:

Your energy in the last week
Total: -465.0 kWh
-66.4 kWh per day

Daily breakdown:
Monday -465.0 kWh
Tuesday 0.0 kWh
Wednesday 0.0 kWh
Thursday 0.0 kWh
Friday 0.0 kWh
Saturday 0.0 kWh
Sunday 0.0 kWh

You used 838% less than UK household average

Renewable Energy in the UK last week
UK Solar

Last week Solar PV generated an estimated 142 GWh of energy across the UK covering 3% of total demand.
UK Wind

Last week metered wind generated 600 GWh of energy across the UK covering 12% of total demand.
UK Hydro

Last week metered hydro generated 72 GWh of energy across the UK covering 1% of total demand.

Hello @sapphire, are you running the emailreports module locally? You could modify the email template file in emailreports/emailview.php:

Just remove the lines you dont want.

Hi there

Many thnaks. lm having login problems with the sapphire account. l cant
get in despite changing the password. Pls help.


Ian Fairman