Duplicate inputs possibly caused by Emoncms Node-Red node

Ah, that is interesting as I did some modifications to that a while back. Have you any error handling on that flow that might capture the problem?

Is the node-red instance on the same OS instance as Emoncms?

Is it only the data passed by node-red that is the problem?

Hello Brian,

Not, yet. I can apply some error handling but need a day or two. I’m not sure what to do for error checking.

I’m running node-RED on the emonpi along with emoncms. I send the data from another RPi running node-RED.


(I’ll split this topic)

Did you really mean that?

The emoncms-node-red node simply uses the HTTP API. On a busy RPi I have seen node-red ‘lockup’ so miss or not do things quite correctly. All I can think is the API call is malformed in some way so causing the duplicate inputs.

How is the data getting to node-red before you send it on? Is it possible the data is corrupted or incomplete (I had an issue with sending NaNs at one point).

Final question, are you using the fulljson format (i.e. a valid JSON string)?