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Duplicate entries and inactive fields

I have an emonTX connected via wi-fi to an emonpi. I am trying to save my inputs on my account at, but there is something wrong. I have a lot of duplicate inputs, some of them with the same name (eg, I have four inputs named “Vrms” and some other with strange names, such as “2Vrms”, “386Vrms”, “454Vrms”, and so on.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I have a problem? What can I do to fix it and be able to log the correct inputs?

Hello @Roberto_Zanasi is this a recently bought ESP wifi unit from the OpenEnergyMonitor shop? Do you know what firmware version it is running?

@TrystanLea yes, firmware version is v3.1.1

Hello @Roberto_Zanasi sorry for the delay, that doesn’t sound too good, appart from these spurious inputs do the main inputs: MSG, P1, P2, P3, E1, E2, E3, Vrms etc report consistently? or are they dropping off as well? Is the WiFi unit mounted internally?

It might be worth trying a factory reset and reconfigure. If that doesnt do it, we could send you a replacement WiFi board. Please email our shop support on [email protected].

@TrystanLea looking at the input view, I’d say that they are consistent. But if I look at the graph view, and put a check mark at “show missing data”, I see a lot of empty spaces.

This is what I see:

The WiFi unit is external:

How can I perform a factory reset?

Thank you

Hello @Roberto_Zanasi the factory reset option is available at the bottom of the configuration page. You will then need to setup the WiFi again of course. How is the signal strength in that location? Is that a repeater right next to it?

If it is a repeater, its best to give it a unique SSID to avoid the risk that the EmonESP connects to a WiFi access point that has the same name but is further away…

Yes, it is a repeater with a unique ssid.

This is what I see after a reset:

Something is wrong.

Thanks @Roberto_Zanasi interesting looks like a very periodic loss of data. Can you think of anything that might be interfering with the internet connection at those times, can you check that you are able to access the internet on that wifi repeater during the times when the data fails to come through to emoncms?

@TrystanLea no, nothing comes to mind. But I can confirm that I’m able to access the internet even during the “blackouts”.

Besides, even after the reset I have some duplicate inputs. Should the wifi unit be replaced?