Does CM firmware work with EmonESP?

I have several emonTx v3 all with emonESP wifi connections as I had trouble with the radio communication.
Does the EmonTxV3CM Continuous Monitoring firmware work with the esp?

It ought to, but if the emonESP sends data back to the emonTx, that is interpreted as you entering configuration data and, as it appears to send random characters, anything can happen. It’s said that the data connection between the ESP and the emonTx has been severed on the units from the shop in order to remove that problem.

I don’t have an ESP so I’ve never evaluated that combination.

Thanks Robert

I am using the shop unit so only receiving from EmonTx so there should be no problem.
I was more interested in knowing if the data output from the CM firmware is correct for EmonESP.
The hardware is located in a crawl space so before I clamber in with a laptop to update in situ I was hoping to be sure it would work

That greatly depends on the sketch you’re using. If you’re using Trystan’s “default” sketch, you can download it and look at it in comfort first.

And having just looked at GitHub because I hadn’t got it in my editor - Bloody Marvellous - the sketch has finally been changed to one that I sent them a few months ago, but nobody thought to tell even the moderators.

If you put “whitening = 0”, then it turns the radio off and sends serial data in the format:
MSG: 1,Vrms:239.8,P1:2345, etc. which I think is good for the ESP.
Note you need to download all three files and compile them, which you can also do in comfort.

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