Docker setup on Synology

Im trying to setup EMONCMS on my synology using Docker. I can it it running using the prod addon script for docker-compose.
I get the webpage. I can login (after creating my local user). Pressing new device/input yields nothing. Absolutely nothing happens when i press the button.

Any hints would be appreciated.


How are you feeding the data to emoncms?

I did try but i get this error:
Requested feed does not exist feedid=0
When i go to the feeds it tell me i have to create a input, and this it where im stuck.

How are you sending data to emoncms? MQTT? HTTP? It doesn’t arrive by magic :slight_smile:

Do you see anything on the Inputs page?

Node Red.

But don’t i need do create somewhere for the data to go (input/device)

No it will just appear on the Input page. This is effectively a “This is the data I can see do you want to log it” page.

How are you sending it from Node-Red? emoncms node, MQTT, HTTP?

Emoncms node.

Im only testing at the moment.
i use a inject node to set
msg.payload = 250
msg.topic = water

I have set feedid to “water” in the ecomcms node.

Injet “works”, but yields an error in the log.

2020-07-08 09:37:36.060|WARN|feed_model.php|Feed model: Requested feed does not exist feedid=0

I setup the docker on my syno. Created a user and then press innject in nodeRed. i did not setup in Emoncms at all.

Well clearly it doesn’t work!

Are you sending that by MQTT to the same broker the emoncms instance is pointing to?

I not using MQTT but the emoncms node. The node is setup pointing to the IP and the port of my emoncms server.

You added a Write API key?

Ok. Does it give a green dot at the bottom?

That format is not JSON so if you selected JSON it will not work. Have a look at the info pane for the data format.

I did add the API key. If i change the API key to something wrong i get a different error. So API key must therefore be correct.

Should the data be json data? If so can you show me a quick example which should work?

In my inject node data types are for the topic = string and payload = number.

No i don’t get the green dot :frowning:

Look at the info tab for the node!

best use Valid JSON.

I appreciate the help.

The problem was me :expressionless:

I used the wrong node. I used the emoncms in rather than the emoncms out node. Thanks for the screenshot, that is what let me to the correct path.

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