diyBMS v4.5 - Power 1 and Power 2 Connector

Hello all,

I am new to the project but come with some level of experience with wiring and systems. I watched the Power Basket(lol) videos and I can see that there are what appears to be 2 sets of twist pair wires approx. 14AWG (guess) daisy chained from bms to bms. The question I have is where is the initial pair terminated before it hits the first bms and then once it hits the final bms where does that pair terminate? I have looked for a wiring schematic to hopefully shed some light but have failed to find one.

Is there a basic wiring diagram example that I can reference as whether I am building a power basket or whatever those terminations are important to understand where they terminate? If not a simple explanation as to what the 2 pairs actually do would be great as well. I assume they terminate somewhere in the battery bank. Main + and -? At the charge controller? or both?

Or am I totally off and that is the RS485 serial line?

Lastly, do each node(bms) need to be addressed? Typically in an I2C or MODBUS system you have to assign a slave address to each slave. Does the controller automatically assign each node an address at startup?

Well I have answered my own 1st question. The twisted pairs are for RS485. Easy enough.

My second question still stands.