diyBMS v4.4 module INT TEMP zero?

@stuart, I’m assembling a test setup on my desk using JLCPCB assembled v4.4 modules and of the seven I’ve assembled so far one is not giving a reading on the INT TEMP sensor but is reading the EXT TEMP fine, any ideas? I’ve checked all solder joints and not seeing anything obvious for it.

I also have two that are not successfully communicating with others, I’ve put those back on the workbench to examine more closely with the microscope and may need to swap out some parts.

Is there a module debug program we can use for confirming that everything is working as expected?

Unfortunately no test program, it’s very strange what you are seeing, the code has been around for ages so must be a hardware issue.

Interesting that it’s on most of the modules,. Its unlikely to be a bad batch of thermistors if the external are working.

Agreed, it is very odd behavior. Any suggestions on how to diagnose the cause for the INT TEMP not to be reported for only this module?

Would ATTINYCellModuleTestPrg be of any use to diagnose this? Or perhaps another mode of that program? Also for that program, what connections need to be made for receiving the output from the module?