DIYBMS Newbie Question

I am new to this BMS game so please be gentle!

I have a plan to create a solar system which will entail

  • 4kw solar array (12 panels, south facing)
  • ~10kw EVE 48v 16S battery
  • ?Growatt 5000ES inverter

I plan to use a grid-tied system but would like to be off grid as much as possible. We draw 8-10kw electricity/day. I live in the South East of England.

Currently I am looking into BMS’s and was considering the DIYBMS v4.4 as I have an emonpi energy monitoring system. Maximum power I will be drawing is 7000 watts.

Will the DIY BMS be able to handle this?
I am sorry if this is a silly quiestion but I just cant quite figure out what I am meant to be looking for. Ant advice much appreciated

Thanks for any help in advance,
All the best,

It should be able to handle this without too many issues.

You would need to have one diyBMS v4.4 module per battery (there may be a variant specific to EVE cells), a few wires with JST-PH-2.0 compatible connectors on the ends to connect the cell modules together and to the controller. I’d suggest starting with the ESP32 controller and add the diyBMS shunt so you can monitor in/out power data.

Be careful with this inverter as there are multiple variants out there that all have the same model number. I don’t know the particulars of the variants or which one you would need.