DIYBMS mqtt documentation

Hi all,
I’ve looked for documentation on mqtt topics and keys and can’t find any. I’ve not yet resorted to looking over the code. Is there any doco on mqtt for DIYBMS4ESP32?

I apologise if this has been asked before. I’ve run a bunch of searches across this forum and google.

Specifically, I’m looking to read bank voltages or even a system voltage but would love to know what all the topics and keys are.

Thank you.

I am in the same situation too…
Emonpi don´t tell too many neither.
Still looking.

The DIYBMS is completely different to the EmonPi.

Which do you have an issue with?

Hello. Sorry for the delay in my response.

I am aware that emoncms is different from DIYBMS. Maybe I explained myself wrong: my English is very limited.
My only interest is to pass the data generated by DIYBMS to a local platform to store it and be able to study it. As i have been reading in these forums, the most common way is to take advantage of the emoncms distro running on a raspberry (if works my intention is pass from the raspberry to my synology NAS). And, if I’m not mistaken, this goes through MQTT (mosquitto?) and Node RED.
For this, the only information I have found is the data from “integration” page of diybms web server and:

and above all:

I have tried both Mqtt and InfluxDB (especially mqtt, which is the one I am interested most) and haven´t any success, good because for a newbie like me (and some others, i have seen) they are a bit bare-bones guidelines, well simply because I am clumsy.

I would ask you some questions:
Comments in “integration” about mqtt username and password are “emonpi and emonpimqtt2016”?. As far as I’ve been able to find out, the distro already has the mqtt server built in.
Is it necessary to enable authentication in NodeRed? With a specific user? I have tried with and without it.
In nodered’s “mqtt in” the topic is emon/diybms, diybms/#, emon/diybms/#?..
Obviously even less does the diybms header appear in “inputs” of the emoncms page, which seems to be what has to appear so that I can continue advancing.
Anyway. No matter how hard I try, I can’t. i´m doing something very bad or mistaken. So I’m studying nodered and mqtt. But the process will be slow and obviously the documentation for neither of the two tools is very focused on this.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but surely newbies would appreciate some more detailed explanation that would help us.
Excuse me for the basics of my writing, and if I have used too demanding a tone. It was not my intention. I am really very happy to have my diybms working. When I went from the JKs to Stuart’s project (thank you so much Stuart) I thought I would make it… Which is why it annoys me even more to be stuck on this.

Finally. Would the INA 229 be used for the shunt? It’s new, isn’t it? And there are stocks…

Actually, your English is quite good! thumbs_up thumbsup