DIYBMS interface to mySQL

Hi all, just wondering if anybody has rewrote the DIYBMS software to work with mySQL or has anybody wrote a script that reads influxdb data and populates a mySQL database?
Really can not be bothered learning influxdb or mqtt.

Any recomendations for a replacement BMS that does support mySQL?

Don’t know if something like this script would help you?

[How to store MQTT Mosquitto publish events into MySQL? - Stack Overflow]

it receives MQTT data and pushes it into mySQL

If you run mySQL i highly recommend you to install Node-red and Mosquitto. If you do that its very simple to get the data in with like 3 nodes and your done :slight_smile:

Thank you, will have to look at node-red. For the moment i setup influxdb which seems very similar to mysql so far, but i am yet to build a front end for it, dont like grafana.