DIYBMS - ATTiny841 suppliers?

Hi, I’m looking at using the DIYBMS for my budget(ish) classic Mini EV conversion - 40-60 cell parallel configuration, so I will have plenty of slave modules! Local (New Zealand) electronics suppliers are saying April 2023 for supply of the ATTiny841 chip. Does anyone know where they are currently available? Any help appreciated.

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I think @fhorst1 was selling some.

I have 65 X Attiny 841 available.

Note… 23 are on 4.12 modules that are fully functional.

27 are on cell modules that I was able to program, but they didn’t survive my soldering learning curve haha…

I also have 5 unsoldered attiny 841 available.

Most of my 4.4 boards are sold.
Still 10 available.

I’m selling them “at a loss” as apparently Attiny 841 go for $12.50 on eBay (not sure if they selling)

For pricing…
See the large thread.
(I can’t open 2 taps in the mobile app)


This should work:

Avnet have some $1.39 each Avnet: Quality Electronic Components & Services

Shipping is expensive $38 for 60 to the UK

They’ve accepted the order and taken payment so hopefully they will send them!

tHat was also my problem.
Attinys are to get in Asia.
But finally with shipping around 4,50€.
I managed to order in a lot of 200.
And it was a little bit cheaper.
And the ones I did not need I offered for 4€.
And immediately you have some Hammerheads who want them for 2€.
Because that would be the offer from Asia.
Not real. Better 2,50. Plus Tax plus shipping. And only when you buy 500+…

Hello Joshy,
I’m new to this group but i’ve been reading the post over the last few months.
I moved recently to an off grid house in the south of France. I already have a solar system, but i wanted to move on to a 18650 batteries system. I’ve planned to build Stuart DIYBMS, since a long time now, but Attiny 841 (the heart of the modules ) are more and more difficult to source. If you still have some available, i would be interested to buy some from you, in order to crack on the job…

Yes. Still have some. How many do you need?

Hi Joshy,
I will need 20 of them.

Where are you located?

I’m living in the south of France not far away from Montpellier.

Ok. I would get it managed by registered mail.

Please contact me here:

I must count. The number of remaining Attinys must fit to the boards I need for a friend.
But I think I have more than 20 which I do not need.

If the controllers are not enough, I also have some left.

Remember to sent me your address, Julien.

So what I understood ATtiny841-SSU can be replaced with ATtiny841-U ? Asking because I have plenty of them (bought for different project). I believe soldering 128 of them can be handled by me :wink:

Which package has the 841-U?

In that thread someone call that as a comparasion

I’m not sure.
But somewhere I read about an 841 with different package.
If so it does not fit on the footprint of the PCB.
You have to modify the PCB. Other footprint.
Then you let produce these mods and use your ATtiny.
I expect this will work.

I have 20-40 ATTINY841-SSU to give away, if someone needs some, just write a message.

Since apparently the Attiny841 is still poorly available.

I still have some here and not from China.

If you are interested, just send me a message. I’m happy to give some away.

P.S. I don’t have the Attiny 1624.

Hi, you still have them