DIYBMS - ATTiny841 suppliers?

Hi, I’m looking at using the DIYBMS for my budget(ish) classic Mini EV conversion - 40-60 cell parallel configuration, so I will have plenty of slave modules! Local (New Zealand) electronics suppliers are saying April 2023 for supply of the ATTiny841 chip. Does anyone know where they are currently available? Any help appreciated.

I think @fhorst1 was selling some.

I have 65 X Attiny 841 available.

Note… 23 are on 4.12 modules that are fully functional.

27 are on cell modules that I was able to program, but they didn’t survive my soldering learning curve haha…

I also have 5 unsoldered attiny 841 available.

Most of my 4.4 boards are sold.
Still 10 available.

I’m selling them “at a loss” as apparently Attiny 841 go for $12.50 on eBay (not sure if they selling)

For pricing…
See the large thread.
(I can’t open 2 taps in the mobile app)


This should work: