DIY Solar PV Bundle - Already have a Raspberry Pi


I already have a raspberry Pi but want to build the Solar PV bundle

Is everything I need the Shield Kit with the two power supplies and two ct’s as well as the enclosure kit?

This should be significantly cheaper than buying the whole kit preassembled but want to ensure I will end up with the same thing…


Welcome, Jacob, to the OEM forum.

I think you’re right (looking at a disassembled emonPi as I write), but not mentioned is the 433 MHz SMA aerial, which you’ll need if you expand the system to include a remote emonTx or emonTH.
Presumably, your RPi is Wi-Fi, or you have a dongle, or you’ll use Ethernet.

I think you need:
Your existing Raspberry Pi
An SD card - either pre-programmed from the shop or download and flash one yourself
The emonPi Shield
SMA antenna (as mentioned above)
The case & LCD kit
Two c.t’s to measure current & a.c adapter to measure mains voltage.
If your existing RPi has a separate lead, you’ll only need a lead with a USB Mini-B to use it with the emonPi Shield. If it’s got a fixed micro-B plug, you’ll need the 5 V d.c. adapter and lead as well.

Note: the case kit shows two punched aluminium end plates - one is now acrylic, to let the Wi-Fi out.

Thanks so much for the reply, I will be using ethernet and will grab an sma antenna just in case!