Diversion load to limit solar injection to grid

Not sure if this is the correct (sub)forum.
In Belgium we can only inject kW into the grid.
I’m looking to expand my solar installation with an extra 3kWpeak, so i’m looking for a way to divert the execess.
My options are

  • first heatpump to make hot water (this would mean execute a script)
  • second heatpump for the pool (this would mean execute a script)
  • a variable diversion load

The first 2 i think i could easely make a script (check injection every 30 seconds and if more than ex 9.900W ==> execute) Or is there a ready-made option on an emonpi?

For the last one , i’m not sure: ex 3 resistors (1000W each) could do the trick, but is there a more gradual option? (trowing away 1000W for 100W execess is kind of an overkill)

Much depends on your supplier’s meter.

Robin Emley’s Mk2 PV Router appears to be available now, under new ownership at mk2pvrouter.com, and that is known to work well with the meters used in France, If yours are the same, then that would be an option well worth considering.

Technical details will remain available in English at mk2pvrouter.co.uk for at least the next year.